Space Junkies Magazine (SJM or Space Junkies) originally started out in the early 2000's as a small magazine section of AFBPromotions' (originally known as Aid For Bands) website, in which it was dedicated to featuring, interviewing and reviewing underground musicians. It was run by a staff of roughly 5 music lovers that were dedicated to the underground music scene in North America and the UK. Over time the zine section, grew and grew, it grew so much so that it was engulfing the main philosophy of what AFB stood for - promoting and aiding underground musicians. With the intent of returning to it's promotional roots, AFB branched off into different divisions in early 2002 and the creation of Space Junkies Magazine began.

For those that know their history of AFB and SJM, you will have noticed that there was a minor hiatus from the division of AFB until SJM's premiere issue hit the web in 2002. This was because initially SJM was to be a print magazine distributed monthly around the world for free. The print magazine wasn't to be and after months of converting the content into a web based format, SJM hit the internet with it's premier issue on July 9th, 2002 to a readership of only 20 people!

By it's fifth issue, SJM was well on it's way to becoming a faithful monthly online magazine, that out grew it's print based formatting (page by page reading) to a more web-based interactive format as seen in issues today. Not long after, with the help of fellow underground music supporters and Colorado's progressive metal band, ANOMY, SJM upgraded from it's past Angelfire web hosting to it's current ad free domain (thank-fully!). After this point in time, SJM's readership began to grow, marketing campagnes began to heighten, and volunteer staff members started coming out of the woodwork to help out.

Space Junkies Magazine over the past 3 years has hosted a volunteer staff of over 50 different people from around the world. Each staff and contributing member of SJM has brought an assortment of talents, content and more to the zine which in turn has helped us grow and develop into what we are today. We hope that many more contributors and music lovers join our ranks in the future to offer more diverse and expressionistic content to SJM.

Today, SJM's general issues include: interviews, reviews, columns, creative writing, photography, artwork, features, link exchanges and more. We hope to expand in the future to include more diverse underground topics relating to the arts, fashion, film, music and entertainment industries.