Valentine's Day Massacre

Words From the Leopard Lounge: "Valentine's Day Massacre"
By: Hare Mengele

"It is the special day where you can declare your love to that special someone – something that doesn't seem to be recommended during the other 364 days!"

History Of Valentine's Day

"The History Of Valentine's Day"
By: Wednesday Elektra

"In the Middle Ages, they took the meaning, "to wear your heart on your sleeve" quite literally! Both men and women would draw names from a bowl to see who their Valentine would be and then wear that name on their sleeve for one week."

East Of The Apple

"East Of The Apple"
By: Astrid Sutcliff

"I think it would be accurate to assume that the current topic on most individual's minds are how they can help those who are suffering and are homeless since the tsunami disaster."

Show America Who Cares

"Show America Who Cares: Help us Help a Friend With Cancer"
By: Jennifer Miles

"Everyday we take for granted everything we have. We sometimes forget that the world is not ending because we cannot afford that new outfit we want or even when we are struggling to pay cable and phone bills. The bottom line is so many are doing without food, health care and shelter, the basics needed to maintain a life."

In Pursuit of Happiness...

"In Pursuit of Happiness as an Indie Musician"
By: Maria Weeks

"Success as an indie artist can lie simply in playing shows for the gratitude of local fans and friends, or it can expand to massive touring campaigns and worldwide pursuits of exposure."