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Andreea Pauta Interview
"I really try to let the song create itself, rather than to make it sound like something that the people listening would like to hear. I think every song has its own "personality" and even though I mold it as it's being created, very often the song goes in a totally different direction."
Bowlscraper Interview
"I seem to remember getting to a club to find out they had no PA and we were scrambling at the last minute to rent one for the show and forgot to order speakers with the PA."
Claudio Parentela Interview
"I only draw and the rest is pure mystery."
Cuntworm Interview
"We just hide behind closed doors and play our devil music."
"I don't think we can compare to any other scene in the world, as for us we can say it's the one and only."
Intricate Unit
"The last presidential election ads costs 1.45 billion dollars and I think that money could have been spent for a cure for AIDS or cancer, or to feed starving people. I sometimes compared the presidential election to a band's national tour."
Leisur Hive Interview
"I don't think "formal training" is important at all. No one should ever be under the impression that playing guitar is some kind of magical thing that you have to spend years learning. That's not to say that anyone can make good music - just that if you have the ideas and the passion - that really is all you need."
Mastermind Interview
"I think the metal scene has already exploded and is waning since metal seems to be something used in Navy recruiting ads and car commercials these days. So I tend to think of metal as 21st century pop music. Pop music will always be there."
Morgan Finlay Interview
"I knew playing with pros would have the music come off like I wanted it."
Rosemary's Billygoat Interview
"Between his metal leads and my monsters, coffins, electric chairs, time machines, burning devil babies and giant smoking laser pentagrams, it is safe to say that there is nothing safe about this project."
Shadowgate Interview
"The fans come to our shows knowing they are coming to be a part of something, and leave with the fulfillment of knowing that they have been involved in something special, much like a family reunion."
Sounds Blue Music / William Edge
"Let me tell you a bit about my compositional style. It's very "free form" and improvisational - very much like a sculptor sitting down with a block of clay with no idea of the final outcome."
The Flairs
"My philosophy is to never be afraid to take risks in life to acheive what you want."
Turn Off The Stars
"I think writing songs and music that we like and that we can really feel good about can hopefully encourage other musicians in the industry to do the same."