All positions within Space Junkies Magazine are nonpaying (i.e. volunteer driven). Our doors are always open for submissions relating to the UNDERGROUND music, arts, fashion, film and entertainment industries, but below are a few key positions we are looking to fill right now. If interested in any of the below OR if you have any suggestions of other areas of our zine that you'd like to contribute to, please email with a short description of yourself and at least 5 reasons why you'd be a successful candidate for the position (also include your contact info!).

News Compiler & Editor
Job includes: Finding underground music news (from any relavent source), format it according to our layouts/guidelines, proof reading the submissions for any errors and submit it to the editor by email for publication.

Web Editor
Job includes: Working on a tight deadline (one week or less) to find errors (spelling, broken links, missing images, etc.) in the final publication of each issue and reporting those errors to the editor by email for correction.

Feature Columnist
Job includes: Receiving information on a potential feature artist/company/site/zine/etc. writing a feature editorial styled column each month on that person/subject including quotes taken from an interview you've conducted, reviews on albums/shows/etc., photography (your own photography preferred) and anything else you'd like to include in your feature column.

Fashion Columnist
Job includes: Writing monthly columns about anyone or anything in the fashion industry (underground industry preferred), including photography (your own preferred).

Independent Music Columnist
Job includes: Writing monthly columns about the underground/independent music industry. Can be advice columns, general columns, columns about places to play/stay away from, etc. As long as it's based somehow around the underground music industry.

Film / Movie Reviewer
Job includes: Watching independent films/movies (or recent/upcoming films/movies in the mainstream industry) and writing a review about them for publication. You must supply your own review materials.

Show Reviewer
Job Includes: Attending local/underground shows (in your area) and writing reviews about those shows including photography (that you've taken) from the show for publication. You are responcible for getting into the show, taking photos and setting up any other means in order to get your review done.

Book / Magazine Reviewer
Job includes: Reading magazines, books, and other print (online or offline) media and writing reviews about them for publication. You must supply your own review materials.

Promoters, Marketers, PRs
Job includes: Extensively promoting each issue (and SJM as a whole) every chance you get (online or offline). Duties will also include getting SJM free advertisement anywhere possible, booking us interviews in other zines or anywhere that we can voice our services to the general music public, setting up link exchanges and keeping our name "out there."

"Sales" Rep
Job includes: Selling advertisement space (text/banner ads) within Space Junkies Magazine through approved affiliates, advertisers, sponsors and donators to help raise money for our mother site AFBPromotions: