Welcome to the February 2005 issue of Space Junkies Magazine (Volume 3, Issue 8 #32)

SPACE JUNKIES MAGAZINE (SJM or Space Junkies) is a monthly publicized online magazine dedicated to covering and supporting mainly the UNDERGROUND music, arts, fashion, entertainment and film industries. Each of our issues generally includes interviews, reviews, columns, creative writings, comics/cartoons & artwork, photography, music news and more. For more information about our past and what we plan on for the future visit the "About Us" link to your right.

This issue's feature band is KAI BLACKWOOD & The Tokyo Death Squad (click on the "Feature" tab to your right). We'd like to thank Kai for all his support, encouragement and of course for writing and performing great music that we share with our readers! Rock on (as the saying goes!)

This issue also includes contributed photography of the Toronto, Ontario (Canada) based band The Squares by Terri Nowik. You can check those photos out by visiting the "Gallery" section of the zine (also a heads up to those who have "pop-up blockers" on their computers - all images in our gallery section will open in a new browser window). While you surfing the gallery section you can also check out photography and art work by three of our newer staff members Amy Danyluk, H. Ramsager and Ralph Rampage.

For the musicians that read SJM, we're currently accepting review material for upcoming issues as well as booking interviews for April (and onward) if interested in either of these feel free to get in touch with me for more information at wednesday@spacejunkies.net

Some avid SJM readers have been requesting "back issues" of our zine, unfortunately due to restricted time I haven't been able to assemble any! Perhaps in the future we will offer you a snoop through the past, but for now you'll just have to keep reading current issues and saving what you want for future references. That also goes to say, if you're covered in this issue of SJM make sure to link any news/sources/etc. to our main URL and not directly to your article (cuz a few weeks from now, your article won't be there anymore!)

What to expect in the future... well, I believe next month you'll catch a Machine Clothing/SpineRazor special feature from our resident staff member Jen. Even I'm looking forward to reading that one! Plus interviews with littleSUNDAY, Roy Manuma, Rabbit Junk, S.N.A.K. and more. I currently have reviews submitted of Mors In Tabula, the Core Til Death 3 compilation put out by Heavycore.net, Gwen Stefani's solo release, Twisted Sister (one of my favorite classic bands!), In Flames, Pi, Seepeoples, Julian Tulips Licorice, Necro and many others I'm sure will come in as well. Also, you'll get the next edition of Jeremiah's artwork and Chapter 7 of Chris' "Through The Darkest Depths Of Space" (for those of you who have been reading it). Plus, I'm sure tons more goodies will filter through to keep you occupied for hours!

If anyone is looking to jump aboard SJM for the long haul (well at least a year!) I'm constantly looking for new recruits, visit the "Jobs" page if interested to check out what positions we're currently offering on staff. If there's something not listed or you'd like to contribute your works sporadically throughout the year, just email me and we'll work something out.

If you have any comments, suggestions, or referrals (of what we should cover in the future), feel free to sign our guestbook or join any of our online forums (or just email us!). Are eyes and ears are always open to hear and read what you have to say, so don't be shy!

SJM is still looking for sponsors, advertisers, affiliates and donators to help our mother site AFBPromotions promote underground musicians throughout the world. We're currently selling web banner and text advertising space for MUSIC related sites/services at the bottom of each page within the SJM website for $20 US ($5 for additional banners/text maximum of 5 banners/text per issue). Donations - any amount, even a PENNY is good. Top donators will get their banner/text link posted on this page of our site, same with affiliates and top sponsors. If you acquire more information, feel free to email me: wednesday@spacejunkies.net

I believe that's all from me for this issue! Enjoy your stay and don't forget to come back next month for our March issue!

~ Wednesday Elektra
Editor, Space Junkies Magazine