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MidWestMetal.Info is being updated by We are adding over 300 new metal bands to our database for bands touring the country and we are also adding a lot of new reviews, interviews and news based mainly on underground metal acts. Come check us out! We are honest, we are true and we are not into negativity and BS politics. because you don't have to be dead to be UNDERGROUND!

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Now Registering for 2005 Roster

AFBPromotions is currently registering for it's 2005 Roster (the bands/people/services it promotes for the year). If anyone is interested, please visit our website for registration and package information: We will be registering until July 1st, 2005, but the sooner you join the more benefits and promotions you will receive throughout the 2005 year. You can also find out more information about AFBPromotions and our Roster by emailing Wednesday Elektra (founder) at

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Recruiting Street Teamers

Theta Division is the international street team for Italian based Digital Fuckers DOPE STARS INC. All divisions (world wide) are currently recruiting new, serious and active street team promoters to help spread the word of this Industrial based band. If interested please visit the official Theta Division website and use the sign-up forms provided to register. This is NOT a fan club, serious applicants only please! All teams within Theta Division work are non-paying and work on a points system basis - prizes will be rewarded to top promoters at the end of each promotional term. (So the more you promote, the more likely you'll receive prizes for all your hard work!) Join us now and get addicted to the new wave of music...

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Fallen Wisdom seeks Bassist

Fallen Wisdom has recently parted ways with their long time bassist and is currently seeking a replacement. If you are serious about joining a band that tours frequently contact Radu at and check the site for more information, news, details, etc. Auditions will be held on Sundays. Band is from Douglasville, Georgia, USA.

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Card014 J.Lo Biafra - Every American Will Get To Marry Jennifer Lopez

Card014 J.Lo Biafra - Every American Will Get To Marry Jennifer Lopez has been released on Here's My Card Records. As you can probably guess from the title, the release is a high blend of sample plunderphonics matching the world's richest punk with the ass of no return. It's available now in the product section of Here's My Card Records Canada.

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Lucretia's Daggers announces its participation in the International Emergenza Music Festival, Friday, March 18, 2005 @ 12:30am, Middle East Club (Upstairs), 472 Mass. Ave., Cambridge, MA. To get a $10 ticket in advance, contact the band at

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Tel: 617-924-8959

Melissa Rebronja's Anticipated Toronto Showcase Is Confirmed

Melissa Rebronja (pronounced REBRONYA) is a prolific singer/songwriter with an independent debut CD, entitled "Embrace Yourself." Her music combines acoustic pop/rock with adult contemporary and ethnic flavors. Two of her songs are currently getting airplay on Vancouver's 104.9 CLEAR FM "Beautiful" and her version of the Oasis song "Wonderwall." This Belgrade-born Canadian Songstress has spent the last five years in Vancouver, BC focusing on her art.

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Blue Skies At War's Star Is On The Rise
In just four short months since Blue Skies At War released its debut "You Pour The Gasoline I'll Light The Match," they have sold 4,000 units and the first single "Better Time" was placed on heavy rotation on Much Loud and medium rotation on Much Music and MTV. The band has toured Canada extensively with artists like Alexisonfire and Boys Night Out. They have gained enthusiastic fans that have voted to make Blue Skies At War's video "Better Time" reach #7 on Much Music's Powershift behind Alexisonfire.

Tour Dates:
February 4th - Shadow, Guelph, Ontario
February 22nd - Foundation Nite Club, Barrie, Ontario

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Turn Off The Stars Announce Tour Dates W/ Colin James
With their passion for strong vocals, solid lyrics and radio friendly melodies, Turn Off The Stars consistently delivers strong live performances. Turn Off The Stars has had a successful year in 2004 with the release of their debut album "Everything Is OK" on Curve Music. The first single "Please" hit the Top 20 on rock radio nationally and the video along with the second single "Falling Into You" was placed on regular rotation on Much Music and MTV. The "Falling Into You" video has also been added to Much More Music.

Tour Dates:
February 7th, 2005 - York University The Underground, Toronto, ON
March 18th, 2005 - Call the Office with Andy Stochansky, London ON

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Linda M's Girls With Guitars
Evolving over the years from Pop Rock to Roots/Country/Pop her music has always been hooky and accessible, resulting in over 1000 albums sold independently! Currently, Linda M is hosting Toronto's hottest songwriter in the round, "Girls with Guitars." Inspired by a songwriting retreat to Nashville, TN, GWG hosts talent from across North America and has featured the likes of Lorraine Segato (Parachute Club), Linda McRae (Spirit of the West), Lisa MacIsaac and Juno nominee Dottie Cormier.

Tour Dates:
February 4th-6th, 2005 - Toronto, ON Winterfolk For more info
March 5th, 2005 - Ann Arbour, MI Espresso Royale 9:00pm - FREE
April 2nd, 2005 - Port Huron, MI, The Legendary Raven Coffee House 8:00pm - w/ Angie Nussey - Free

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Driveway's Official Canadian Release Coming Soon
Official Canadian release of Driveway's debut self-titled album will be on Curve Music early 2005. The band is looking to tour Germany and Austria in support of the Blue Rose Records release of the album in Europe. Driveway is made up of ex-MAdE front man Jason Taylor, ex-MAdE bass player Chris Sytnyk, drummer Robin Mason (Superhalo, Statistics), and Corey Matheson (Haggis) on pedal steel and guitar. These seasoned musicians have combined their influences to form this rootsy alt-country rock band.

Tour Dates:
July 16th/17th, 2005 - Nakusp Music Festival Nakusp, BC

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Red Light Rippers Signed to Fading Ways UK
Red Light Rippers have signed a recording deal with Fading Ways Music UK. The band is in the studio recording their long anticipated full-length debut album, which will include fan favorites along with some newly written songs. Too showy for punk rock, too rugged for glam, RLR are straight up, in your face, louder than hell, Kick Ass Rock and Roll. With influences ranging from early AC/DC and ZZ Top to Van Halen and G'N'R, their drive and intensity can be heard in their songs and witnessed in their must see live show. They strive to deliver a performance you won't forget and ensure you've gotten your money's worth. Fans will finally be able to take some of that intensity home with them.

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Hypnotic Face released the first video from an album "The End Of Sanity." It's for the song "From Hell" and is available at

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HELP US HELP A FRIEND: (for more info)
Cancer Benefit show for Anthony Desjesus

Sunday, February 6th, 2005
Doors open @ 6:00pm
The Vatikan (1032 Queen Street West, Toronto, Ontario)

In the Past Year: Anthony started to get massive headaches, constant sharp pains and migraines. Soon he started getting very weak as well. He went to the doctor for the first time in eight years. They ran many tests and found out that he had malignant brain cancer. From that point on, Anthony's life began to change. His girlfriend at the time left him. Her last words to him were "I don't want to be with someone who's going to die soon." Many of his friends became his enemies. His mom had been very sick and on October 2nd 2004, she passed away of a lung disease. His dad died when he was little. He is now on his own trying to fight cancer, and maintain a place to live. He is from Kentucky and does not have health care or enough money to see a doctor. He has only been able to receive diagnosis and has had only a few visits to the doctor since. He cannot afford medication, treatment or even a place to live. His friend Shari and SpineRazor Entertainment is asking everyone to come out on Sunday February 6 2005 to help make Anthony's visit to Toronto something he will have with him for the rest of his life. Lets show him that his neighbouring country cares and help make the last moments of his life special.

Line Up includes:
Might As Well

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MySpace (For More Information)

The new Album from "Others" - "Garden of Rage" available through Statue Records Online! Face your Darkest Fears...

They say nothing grows in a graveyard, but with the latest release from Others - "Garden of Rage" death blooms like a black rose in a field of common daisies. From the first haunting breath of "Descent " to the escaping reality of "Powers That Be…" this CD will grip your soul and never relinquish it. The unearthly vocals of Mistress Jessica and the words of Marquis DeBlood ascend from the abyss to invade your dreams with you waking in a cold sweat and a hunger for more. Taken from a line in the lyrics of "Baby's Dead Stare" would probably describe the feelings this CD will give you: "I love the way she shivers, I love the way she shakes, I love the way she twitches when her neck I break." So for all you macabre souls out there who want to taste true melodic bliss this is the masterpiece you need to have in your player! ~ Brand New Messiah,

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Embrace the Darkness. Dark Poetry for the Dark at Heart - A collection of Dark Poetry and Lyrics by Mark Dickinson

"You have such a contagious way of writing, your words, suck a person in, and never lets go. In a way, one would think that that is morbid, all by itself, because that's what you tend to write about, but for me, that's fantastic, morbid curiosity or no, you are great, and extremely talented Darklord of dark poetic art." Aiyana,

Also check out "Blood Soaked Moon" by visiting:

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Belgian gory death metallers ABORTED have finished mixing their new full-length album, "The Archaic Abattoir", at Antfarm Studios in Denmark with producer Tue Madsen (THE HAUNTED, PANZERCHRIST, MNEMIC, EKTOMORPH, DESTINY). "Indeed, we just received the final mix from Tue and it sounds fucking great!" The band wrote on their web site. "We're extremely happy about how things went and turned out. Tue truly delivered here and it was great working with such a driven person! Now all that's left is to get the master and the artwork and this album is ready to get out there!" Guest vocal appearances on the album include Bo Summer (ILLDISPOSED), Michael Bogballe (MNEMIC) and Jacob Bredahl (HATESPHERE). Be sure to check the band out alongside IMMOLATION at the Maryland Deathfest happening on May 28th and 29th!

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The band is putting the finishing touches on their latest opus "Method of Execution." The band's fourth release sees the band taking on a more varied and melodic direction. A rough mix of the track "Storm of Hatred," will be included on an up-coming "brutal" compilation that will feature both Olympic and Century Media bands. Look for an April/May release for "Method of Execution" as well as the band on a tour near you!

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The group's new album entitled "Harnessing Ruin" will be released March 22nd in the US. It will also include an enhanced video of the title track, as well as a bonus "brutal" sampler that will encompass the heavier acts on both the Olympic and Century Media roster. Expect a full US tour to follow around the time of the Maryland Death fest happening May 28th and 29th.

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Olympic Recordings is proud to announce INCANTATION's first US tour in support of Decimate Christendom. The "Winter Migration Broootality '05" tour featuring Mortician, INCANTATION, The Chasm and Arsis will start off on January 11 in Brooklyn, NY.

Mortician, INCANTATION , The Chasm, Arsis and Funerus
1/12 Jaxx- Springfield , VA
1/13 The Masquerade- Atlanta , GA
1/14 Thee Imperial- Jacksonville FL
1/15 THE CULTURE ROOM- Ft. Lauderdale , FL
1/16 The Masquerade- Tampa FL
1/19 Sudsy Malone's- Cincinnati OH
1/20 The Khyber- Philadelphia PA
1/21 The Asylum- Portland Maine
1/22 The Backstage- Woodmere , Long Island , NY

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The band recently launched their new and improved website so check it out. Jungle Rot is also featured in the newest issue of Metal Maniacs, so go get yours! They will be heading to Europe to tour with Catastrophic and INCANTATION in late May/early April. The dates will include a performance at the Fuck the Commerce fest. The boys hope to make another US tour announcement shortly.

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Olympic Recordings is pleased to announce the upcoming release of doom/death's greatest new hope, Finland's SWALLOW THE SUN. Their debut album, "The Morning Never Came", has been called "one of doom metals finest moments to date 5/5 K's" by Kerrang! magazine and has been receiving rave reviews in all over the world. The album will be released in the US on February 22nd with a cover of Candlemass' "Solitude" as an added bonus track.

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The band recently returned from their highly successful tour with Council of the Fallen and The Classic Struggle. They are now busily writing material for the follow up to "Torrential Reign." The album will mark the recording debut of new drummer David Breazeal (ex-Cauldron).

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S.N.A.K. (Strange Noises And Kismet):
Show - The Rivoli (334 Queen St. W., Toronto, ON)

S.N.A.K. will be holding their CD release party on February 26th, 2005 at The Rivioli in Toronto. If you have not yet had the chance to hear, "6 Months of Sunday" be sure to make it out this night. The CD can be purchased at or ordered through HMV, Chapters or Indigo. Straight ahead music that's just a little ... bent!

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Upcoming Shows!

Friday, February 11th, 2005
Set time: 10pm / 21+
66 Cabot St. Chicopee MA tel. 413-592-4748

Saturday, February 12th, 2005
set time: tba / 21+
4271 Business Route 220 Bedford, PA tel. 814-623-7417

Sunday, February 20th, 2005
set time: tba / 21+
1519 Elm St. West Springfield, MA tel. 413-736-3786

Saturday, March 5th, 2005
set time: 10pm / 21+
2850 Haverford Rd. Ardmore, PA tel. 610-649-6245

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The new Ken Burns Documentary "Unforgivable Blackness" features original music by some really great composers. Producer Anthony J. Resta ( plays Cuban percussion in a cue orchestrated by Yale BeBe. Thanks to Tom Martin at Visual Music for the hookup. Karyadi Sutedja engineered the session. A link below contains the credits. A full Studio Update is still under construction and will be released soon.

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This multi-day event is called MUSEXPO and is an international music and media forum that will convene in Los Angeles, California, May 1-4, 2005 at the Wyndham Bel Age Hotel in West Hollywood, CA on the Sunset Strip. The concept of MUSEXPO originates from the A&R Worldwide dinners that we initiated a few years ago. The general concept was to bring together (for one evening, over a nice dinner) creatively-minded professionals from the global music and media sectors -- all folks who were receptive to the idea of building key new relationships, discovering artists and new business opportunities in a constantly evolving industry. MUSEXPO is a representation of the two decades we've spent building and nurturing key domestic and international relationships with radio, A&R, publishers, film/TV music supervisors, media, managers, artists and others who, like you, are proactive and creative leaders in their respective fields. Therefore, we extend this personal invitation to you to join us at our exclusive event, as we know you will develop priceless new relationships and potential business opportunities for the future. The conference will place a strong emphasis on the discovery AND development of talent, creative avenues to market and break new artists, music showcases as well as assisting delegates with establishing essential relationships with like-minded professionals from around the world. Key global media partners have agreed to attend, as well as participate and actively promote MUSEXPO. Registration will be strictly limited, to enhance the interpersonal experience and enable maximum productivity. Therefore, we wanted to make sure that you were one of the first to receive a formal invitation from A&R Worldwide to join us for this great event. Again, we encourage you to join us and your global colleagues at MUSEXPO. We can assure you that we will make every effort to make sure you have a very enjoyable and productive time at this event. We very much look forward to seeing you there and look forward to introducing you to some new friends and opportunities.

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Upcoming Shows

Jilly's Pub
615 South Union St
Lawrence, MA 01843

2/3/05, Mugsy Acoustic, 9PM
2/4/05, Open Bar Band, 10PM
2/5/05, Last Laugh, 10PM
2/11/05, 1 Down, 10PM
2/12/05, Riot Act, 10PM
2/18/05, Shades Apart, 10PM
2/19/05, HyperCane, 10PM
2/26/05, Mugsy(Electric), 10PM

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The Global Entertainment & Media Summit Returns to New York City Saturday and Sunday, May 14-15

Whether it’s a future of on-demand entertainment on new ways of effectively marketing entertainment to the consumer marketplace, GEMS has, for the past several years---consistently provided incredibly insights to new and emerging opportunities that have, when utilized and taken advantage of, helped its audience achieve their goals they are seeking.

You will be immersed in a highly powerful and effective creative think-tank by participating in conferences, seminars and keynotes that will invigorate the senses, get you to think of new ideas and put them to use----and it’s not a techie show----but an event that captures the spirit of creation and the development of talent.

As the major companies have consolidated and radio airwaves have become controlled by a few mega-conglomerates, there are still new and exciting opportunities for those who know how to take advantage of opportunities, and those who know how to create them.

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On Saturday, March 26th, 2005 at Howard Sports in Saco, Maine, Concerts4Charity, Inc presents the 2nd Annual 3on3 Charity Jam. The 3on3 Charity Jam is an all day sports, music, & art festival celebrating philanthropy in our community. The main attraction of this event shall feature an all day 3on3 co-ed basketball tournament complimented by music & art. We are looking to improve our event from last years Charity Jam, through increasing the number of teams by offering both a boys and girls division, a free T-shirt to all participants and most of all a chance to hit the $20,000 half court shot. We have also looked to make the nonprofit organizations more of a featured attraction by setting up the display booths on the basketball court, which provides consistent publicity to organization. Concerts4Charity is extending a FREE invitation for nonprofits, to take place in this multimedia campaign to help raise awareness to your organization. C4C shall be designating display space for nonprofit booths in addition to our radio and print advertising. Your organization may also receive a donation from the winning team or you shall choose to raise funds for your own group by selling tickets to the event. On each of the team registration forms we shall be requesting, all teams to name a charity/cause they would want to donate proceeds to if they were to win. C4C will then equally match up a team with a charity and then make a donation to the winning teams charity. We would like to thank the following nonprofits for participating in this years charity jam: OHI * Connection for Kids * Caring Unlimited * Good Will * Saco/Biddeford Food Pantry * American Lung Association. If your organization would like to take part or sit on our planning committee for the 2nd Annual 3on3 Charity Jam then fill out the following template and reserve your table today by copying the template and pasting it in an email. C4C will then contact you to confirm your table space.

3on3 Charity Jam - Nonprofit Template
Organization Name:
Organization Address:
Organization Phone:
Organization Website:
Contact Name:
Contact email:

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