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Space Junkies Magazine covers all genres of UNDERGROUND music, art, film, fashion and entertainment. If you're unsure whether your band qualifies to be covered in SJM, email us! Below you will find information on the various categories that we generally feature musicians, art, etc. in as well as how to properly submit materials. If what you're looking for specifically isn't here, then email us with what it is you need and we'll get it to you.

NOTICE: Make sure you always contact Wednesday Elektra about opportunities of being featured and/or covered in Space Junkies Magazine. Do not contact any of our staff or contributors prior to contacting Wednesday, if you would like a specific staff/contributor to interview, review or cover your works for publication in SJM then email Wednesday first and REQUEST the person you would like to have cover you. If you do not contact Wednesday, there is absolutely no guarantee that your coverage will appear in SJM.

Space Junkies Magazine is always looking for new, underground bands, artists, labels, zines, radio stations, etc. of ANY genre to interview for upcoming issues.
Most of our interviews (depending on which staff member interviews you) are conducted through email or instant messenger. A few of our staff will do one on one (person to person) and phone interviews depending on your geographical location and schedule.

REQUIRED for interviews:
1. An official website (doesn't have to be a domain name, but must not be a "fan" site - see #2 if you don't have a website). This is so we can collect information on your band to set a basis for our interview questions.
2. Press kit (if you do NOT have a website, or if you want to ensure that you will be interviewed). Must be mailed to Wednesday Elektra via snail-mail. We DO NOT accept EPKs, so don't bother sending us one.
3. Notable information about your band - what you're trying to promote/sell/release/show off, etc. So we know what is important to YOU and what you'd like the basis of your interview with us to be about. I.e. if you have an upcoming tour that you'd like to talk about, or an album release, or perhaps you've worked with a well known band and are proud of the fact and want all of our readers to know, etc.
4. Photos. Can be emailed to us in jpg/gif format or can be sent to us on a disc with your press kit. We use these photos for publication purposes, keep in mind we're a web zine, so 72-150 dpi is fine for us. Do not email us excessively large image files.
5. The following information emailed to us:

Your name:
Your band's name:
Official URL:
Email address (of who we should contact for the interview):
Telephone # (not required):
Instant Messengers (AIM, Yahoo, ICQ, etc. - also not required)
City, State/Prov., Country:
Are you sending a press kit (yes or no):
Why you want to be added to our interview listings:

Once you are on our interview listings it's only a matter of time before you are either contacted to arrange a person to person meeting or are sent interview questions to answer. If you want to ensure that we will interview you, your best options are to send us a physical press kit (this will also get your album reviewed).

If you have conducted an interview and would like it to appear in Space Junkies Magazine please email a TEXT copy of your interview in Question & Answer format to wednesday@spacejunkies.net include at least 5 jpeg/gif images (as email attachments). If deemed suitable it will be published in an upcoming issue of SJM. Please don't forget to include your full name and return email address!

Space Junkies Magazine reviews pretty much everything relating to underground music including: album reviews, show reviews, website reviews, press kit reviews, music videos, DVDs, VHSs, etc. We also review films, movies, fashion, and much more.
NOTE: We generally do NOT review MP3's or any online streaming media files (including Flash websites - unless they are extremely fast loading). If you have an album you'd like us to review, then please submit it via postal mail. If you have a music video or other video footage you'd like us to review then make sure you burn it to a disc and submit that by mail as well. If we cannot open or view your material we will not review it. Any material that is submitted by postal mail will NOT be returned (unless of course you put down the wrong address and it's sent back to you!)

CD, CD-R, MP3s burned to a disc, cassette, vinyl
Video/film: DVDs (some burned DVDs we cannot view), VHS, QuickTime videos, RealAudio videos (on CD-R/ROM)

1. Obviously your music or material to review. Most review materials (unless it's a website) must be mailed to us via snail-mail. Email us for an address.
2. Contact information: Mainly any URLs, or email addresses - we use these to publish with your review to give our readers a chance to further check out your works.
3. Photos (album covers, logos, live photos, press photos etc.). These can be emailed to us providing they are small in size and are in jpeg or gif format. You can also burn your image files to a disc and send it with your press kits. Keep in mind we're web based so image files don't have to be 300dpi they can be 72-150 dpi.

If you have a CD, album, MP3, show, film/movie, website or other review that you have done and would like published in Space Junkies Magazine, please email a TEXT copy of it including at least 1 image in jpeg/gif format (album cover, logo, live photo, etc.) to wednesday@spacejunkies.net If deemed suitable it will be included in an upcoming issue. Please be sure to include your full name and return email address with your submission.

Space Junkies Magazine is looking to expand into new territories and will include a special "features" section in it's upcoming issues.
What these features will include are: a column styled article written by one of our staff about a band, music service, music scene, label, etc. (something like what you'd see in your generic mainstream rock/metal magazine) which will possibly include with the article: photos, quotes/interview, review(s) and whatever else the staff writer can muster up creatively to include in their column.

REQUIREMENTS for the Feature:
1. Press kit OR if your official website has a ton of adequate information, send us the URL. We do NOT accept EPKs, but some staff writers may request one to help them write their columns.
2. If you'd like to be interviewed for your feature follow the interview guidelines above and let us know ASAP so we can put you near the top of the list.
3. If you would like reviews included in your feature, you must send in a press kit. We do not download or stream media online.
4. Photos. You may email your photos to us or include jpeg/gif files on a CD-R when you send in your press kit.
5. Email us with the following information:

Your Name:
Band/Service Name:
Official URL:
Email Address:
Mailing address:
Why would you like to be featured in Space Junkies Magazine:
Do you want to be interviewed for your feature (yes or no):
Do you want to have a review done for your feature (yes or no):
Will you be sending a press kit to us (yes or no):

Notice: Not everyone that submits a press kit or information will be featured in Space Junkies Magazine.

If you have a feature/spotlight that you'd like published in an upcoming issue of Space Junkies Magazine please email it in TEXT format to wednesday@spacejunkies.net include all quotes, interview content and images (jpeg/gif format - max. of 10). If deemed suitable it will be published in an upcoming issue of SJM. Please be sure to include your full name and return email address with your submission.

Space Junkies Magazine ALWAYS accepts news, tour dates, show dates, advertisements and other news related information from around the world for publication in it's "news" section. The only stipulation you must follow is to get your news/information in BEFORE each issue's deadline and it must relate to MUSIC! Email us for a list of upcoming deadlines. Send all news, dates, etc. to wednesday@spacejunkies.net including the below information:

REQUIREMENTS for News/Info/Ads:
1. Please include with your news/information/ads the following:

Your Name (sometimes we give credit to the submitter):
Your Email or URL:
The name of the band/service/ad topic you are submitting news/info about:
The URL of the band/service/ad:
Email address of the band/service/ad:
Any other contact information:
Obviously the news/information!

REQUIREMENTS for Tour/Show Dates:
1. Please include with your show/tour information the following:

Your Name (sometimes we give credit to the submitter):
Your Email or URL:
The name of the band/tour you are submitting news/info about:
The URL of the band/tour/venue:
Email address of the band/tour/venue:
Age restrictions (18+, all ages, 21+, etc.)
Cost & Payment ($5 at the door, $10 through the band):
Start time of Show:
Dress code (if applicable):
Venue address (name, street, city, Prov/state, country):
Venue Tel # or other contact info (email):
Other information about the show:

Other news:
No requirements, just send them in. If we need more information we'll email you. Keep in mind we NO longer publish Press Releases in SJM, but you can send them to us to publish on our message boards and mailing lists.